Tuesday, March 22, 2011

fan game?????????

Heya dudes, Tetiro here! I didn't know whether this was the right place for it so if it's not could someone move it to the right area? Anyway, Chiming Bells was started 1-2 years ago and during its end won NCFC's (Nintendo Community Fangame Convention) Best Zelda of 2009 but then died. But now it's back! And much better!

Before Ganondorf took over the land of Hyrule, before the Hero of Time pulled the Master Sword from the pedestal and before Zelda met the Hero of Time for the first time, the land of Hyrule nearly got torn apart by the power of the gods. The story I speak today is that time.

My story begins with a Hylian named Arn and his wife Medilia. When Arn is called to service by the Chief of the Royal Guard, it is to attend the ceremony of the Bell as a guard. Though after the ceremony, Arn's fate is has been set by the Blue Knight, the Triforce, the Chiming Bell and his to be born son.

So what's the game going to be about now?
Instead of being a final chapter of the Time series (OOT and MM), Chiming Bells will now become a sort of prologue to that tale. I say a sort of because although it's in the timeline of the Time series, it doesn't have that much relation to it.

Chiming Bell will follow the Hero of Chimes as he tries to stop Rodrick from claiming the Chiming Bell.

Episodes (Aka Demos)

Episode 1 - All of the world, up to Bizzar and all sidequests for the Spring
Episode 2 - Up to Beamiss and all sidequests for the Bombs
Episode 3 - Up to Tyrofor and all sidequests for the Dune Bow
Episode 4 - Up to Rodrick and all sidequests for the Gravity Boots
Episode 5 - Up to Biagro and all sidequests for the Wingshot
Episode 6 - Up to Gismor and all sidequests for the Rider
Episode 7 - Up to Rodrick
Final Episode - It's a secret

Level 1 -> Wild Woods (Kokiri Forest in OOT) -> Spring Launcher -> Insane Deku Scrub, Bizzar
Level 2 -> Dusty Cavern -> Bombs -> Humanoid Beamos, Beamiss
Level 3 -> Unknown Ruins -> Dune Bow -> Rodrick's Puppet, Tyrofor
Level 4 -> Royal Tombs -> Gravity Boots -> Phantom of the Blue Knight, Phantom Rodrick
Level 5 -> Ruined Fortress -> Wingshot -> Gigantual Rupee Construct, Biagro
Level 6 -> Land of the Dead -> Rider -> Mischievious Stalfo, Gismor
Final Dungeon -> Chiming Tower -> No Item -> The Blue Knight, Rodrick

Iron Sword -> Enchanted Sword -> Chiming Sword
Spring Launcher -> With this giant spring, Link can gain new heights!
Bombs (20) -> Bombs (30) -> Bombs (40)
Dune Bow (30) -> Dune Bow (40) -> Dune Bow (50)
Gravity Boots -> These magic boots will allow you to stick to special metal panels
Wingshot -> Now we're talking! A small arm cannon that fires sharp clips!
Rider -> A mechanical device that allows for faster travel!
Bottle x 2

So what's different then the pre 2010 version?
Better sidequests. The ones for the last version were a bit bland.
Refined minigames. The minigames were good but not great then.
Custom Bosses. All the bosses are new. (Though a few of them immitate old bosses)
60 Achievements
Custom overworld. Rather than copying OOT Hyrule, I will copy but make it more civilised. That's the aim.
Bit more.

Link -> 95% -> Dying
Items -> 100% -> Bottles
HUD -> 80% -> Key Counter,Maps?
Menu -> 90% -> Dungeon Menu Engine
Enemies and Bosses -> 95% -> Bug Ironing
Achievements -> 25%
Overworld -> 50% -> All
Dungeons -> 0% -> All
Story -> 0% -> All
Sidequests -> 0% -> All
Misc -> 0% -> All

How can we help?
I have graphics, designing and programming sorted though I really need the sounds and music. If anyone can help, please PM me. I need all the help possible with music.

I will be updating the topic with screenshots and an overworld demo later tonight! I'll also be releasing a Train demo.

So peace out for now. I hope you all will enjoy the demo upon it's release

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