Monday, March 14, 2011

First4Figurines Prepares Darunia Statue for Sales in May

horizontal_03.jpg This is a brand new statue coming out for the ever growing Zelda collection and may possibly be the most nostalgic yet. You can still pre-order the statue however all of the pictures we will provide you are from pre-production, meaning there may be some changes before the product gets shipped in May. Still, First4Figurines is a top notch statue company so you should have no doubts about your the quality of the product.

Keep in mind that this particular statue is in limited quantity. 2,500 pieces will be available world wide, and there are no plans to produce any more, making this a limited edition collectors item. It will run you $154.99 USD but for such a limited item there is really no price that is too high. Hop inside to see several more pictures of the statue.

horizontal_01.jpg horizontal_02.jpg horizontal_04.jpg horizontal_05.jpg vertical.jpg vertical_01.jpg vertical_03.jpg vertical_05.jpg vertical_06.jpg vertical_09.jpg

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